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Ensuring your board and leadership are connected to the needs of the beneficiaries, ‘ensure things are done right’ by fulfilling the fiduciary governance; i.e. appropriate stewardship of assets, legal and compliance adherence, adherence to performance and ensuring the adherence to the mission and objects of the charity.

Going beyond meeting the minimum of fiduciary governance to align long-term priorities, strategic resource allocation applying strategic governance and ensuring ‘doing the right things.’

Supporting the organisation to ‘making sense of world’ where the board is inquisitive, reflective, has a different way of thinking, exploring, re-framing.

Our experienced team will relieve you of the regulatory burden and leave you more time to concentrate on your core business activities. In short, we will make sure everything is in the right format, in the right place and at the right time.

Meet and demonstrate an ethical, transparent approach towards…

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